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About Us

Dutch Heritage Greenhouse is an operation located in Chilliwack, BC. Our greenhouse is one of the most energy efficient & modern operation in the greenhouse industry. We use bio-fuel to heat. Natural gas is only for production of CO2 which is beneficial to the growth of plants. Our main crop is chrysanthemums; we have them the entire year, and are made up of many different & ever changing varieties. Because we grow our own stock, Dutch Heritage Greenhouse is not dependant on outside plant sources and is therefore secure from foreign quarantine diseases.

We run our operation with ten people. Owners Art & Lukas Breugem, along with 13 other full time employees and two part-time employees.

It all started in 1961 when Dirk Breugem (Arts father) started a greenhouse back in the Netherlands. First he vegetables then in 1972 he decided to grow chrysanthemums. The first varieties were Spider white & Spider yellow. From there Art decided to join in 1978 and continued growing and improving until 1994. At that time, Art, Christine & their three boys moved to Canada. Art worked at Fairfield Propegators for over two years then started his own business – Dutch Heritage Greenhouse – in April 1997. Since then there have been two expansions and we currently have 15000 Square meters of production, and 2000 square meters of the stock plants.

2011 marks another milestone for Dutch Heritage Greenhouse.  Another expansion totalling 5000 square meters.  This time we felt we needed a challenge and introduced a new crop:  Lisianthus.  Lisianthus were previously not grown locally year round.  With our new state of the art greenhouse we hope to provide top quality Lisianthus every single day of the year.

2013 finishes up the space on our current plot of land with a final 5000 square meters.  This Greenhouse will be for growing Lisianthus and Chrysanthemums.  In 2017 we completed another addition of 4000 square meters attached to our old greenhouse.

2018 and forward will see big changes for Dutch Heritage.  We have sold out current facalities and working on building a state of the art facility in Chilliwack.  September 2019 will see the first product coming out of that facility.

Looking for more information about Dutch Heritage Greenhouses? Contact us if you have any questions.